hi guys!

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  1. Hello I'm new here
    Italian is also because I hope that some administrator understands the Italian
    I can speak English well enough I have no problem if there are administrators who do not understand me in italiano ...

    I wanted to ask why can not I log in the server tells me
    if anyone can tell me why does the login to the server I would be really grateful
  2. Hello and welcome hl2g,

    The server now has a maximum capacity of 45 people+supporters and staff. The reason you can't log in is probably because the server is full.

    You picked a really hard text colour to read by the way, lol.
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  3. the problem is not the capacity of the server when i wanted to go there where only 34 people!!:eek: :mad:
  4. What is the error message you get?
  5. booooohhh
  6. I've never had that error message. :p
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  7. Welcome to the server
    No kidding!
  8. Sorry I just now managed to get into the server
    No, but I can talk and ask me the name of the server and write it on the site but where?
  9. Someone from Europe yaay welcome and please have fun ;]
  10. thanks
    where are you from?
  11. modificated :D
  12. I love having people from so many different countries on the server. The diversity of language really interests me.
  13. but I is not been answering my question:
    Where do I write an answer that is to spawn?
  14. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this.
  15. to spawn there is a sign that read:
    what is the name of the server?
  16. Then he tells me to post the answer on the site
  17. No it means the answer is found on the site. You then walk through the corridor with the correct answer above it.
  18. ooooooo tnx!:p:D