Hi guys! Im MR MEOLA

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  1. Hello Empire Minecraft!

    I'm new around here but thought Id say hey! Found you guys through an ad on the PlanetMinecraft website. had a look around your community and you it seems very nice so I decided to make an account and say hey!

    You'll probably see me around the forums more than anything, however you may catch me in the servers aswell from time to time!

    I also make youtube videos so if your interested in knowing more about me here is my channel: www.youtube.com/MrMEOLA
  2. Welcome to Empire Minecraft MEOLA! I hope to see you In-Game and posting on the forums!

    Whats your home server? Maybe I could help you build smoething. ;)
  3. hello if u need a good shop or casino come to 7075 on smp3
  4. advertising?
  5. Welcome to the empire! May your stay here be long and prosperous :D
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  6. nope im just saying since he is new because ppl that are new need things and that stuff
  7. Hey! Welcome! hope you enjoy your stay if you need some starting supplies come 9412 on smp4 :D

    EDIT: I'm not advertising it's free stuff
  8. see not really ad
    not advertising just helping
  9. I edited it :D
  10. Have fun on the Empire it is a great commnuity and mabey one day you could be like me and have 205 days to ur name
  11. And maybe you will have 216 days to my name :p

    Welcome to EMC!
  12. Welcome, Come eat some cake and smack some pigs!
  13. Welcome to the Empire! d=:D=b
  14. how many subs? :D
  15. You have a amazing voice, also welcome to the empire.
  16. Or 250+ for me!
  17. Woah woah woah... Who are you partnered with?! And with only 250 subs you got a partnership?! Bro your awesome!.. Lol one of my videos has 111k views atm
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :) Really appreciated!

    I got partnered by TGN Tehwafflez. N thanks to everyone who enjoyed my videos :)
  19. Hello and welcome.
  20. Welcome Come eat a couple of BLTs you just need to hunt:

    I will get the rest.