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  1. Hi there! My name is Sarah, I'm 18 years old and from North England. Totally new to all this and haven't used a forum in years so I'm very sorry if I screw up! I love to play Minecraft! I prefer playing online however, than to playing offline, cause I get kinda lonely (aw). But yeah, I'm a nice person so anyone and everyone can talk to me. Other than gaming I have other hobbies which include music, singing, art, painting, drawing, reading and writing. Also currently unemployed so have way too much time on my hands, clearly...
  2. Welcome to the Empire Sarah. :)
  3. Thanks very much! Slightly upset I can't get on due to server being full *mumbles*..
  4. We should have our new server up within a few more days. We grew 10x faster than we expected. Haha. It's a good thing of course, but bad for situations like this. :(
  5. Ah sweet, can't wait then! It's pretty impressive how far you have come in such a short while (was reading up). I'm constantly server hopping to find something good, and i loved the trailer for this one so fingers crossed I like it (110% sure I will haha).
  6. I find playing single player kind of lacking too, and I didn't really realize it until after being here in the Empire for a while, but it totally is because single player is lonely player.

    I dont' think anyone gets lonely here.

    Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  7. I totally agree! And thanks very much. Just been on an arsey server where everyone was trying to kill me (and succeeded a few times), when all I wanted to do was build. Urg, things like this annoy me in multi-player haha.
  8. i dont get lonlly i just sometimes lack motivation and aimlessly wonder around the town wondering what to do
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  9. Agreed, which is one of the reasons we DON'T have PVP here. :)
  10. hahaha
  11. BF3 and soon to be MW3 after exams will consume my life, I will still be a supporter tho, this is a great place. Welcome to the empire Sarah :)
  12. Thanks MR2R2M! And yes, PVP kinda pisses me off, and these guys were following me around, group of 5 or something. Soon as I re-spawned, got me again! No fun...
  13. Yeah, that was a big thing that Justin and I discussed when we went public, and decided that PVP just didn't fit in our vision. We call PVP: "Random Gang Beatdowns" mode.
  14. Very true haha and I'm glad you didn't put it in. It isn't much fun to be honest, when everybody is ganging up on you. Everyone was saying how it sucked and a handful of people left in the first few minutes, I think if they are trying to win a popularity contest, it's not going to happen haha. I'm sorry if my rantings sound stupid, I am actually a n00b with all of this!
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  15. This will sound a bit like bragging, though I don't mean for it to be that way...but it's fairly obvious we're climbing up to be one of, if not thee best MC servers for multiplayer. We have a very simple system...when there are features on other servers where 99% of the people say "This sucks!", we change it. :)
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  16. Doing a grand job then cause it's working, I looked at the members list and was in awe haha. Aw it's not bragging, in this case it is the honest truth! I'll tell you now, this server only had a handful of people on and I'm not suprised.
  17. Now that we have the "recipe" down, our main focus, besides innovative features, will be trying to keep up with new servers for the flow of people coming here. :)
  18. Yeah understood, don't want people stealing your ideas haha.
  19. Hullo! it's crazy how you live so close to like half my family.
  20. Hello, and yes it is! The world is small...