"Hi!" from Nod and Woo

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  1. Hey, EMC squares!

    My wife KylaWoo and I just joined EMC on SMP9. We are still learning the wilderness and tricks thereof, but love the great atmosphere and all the helpful players. We even found some people our own age!

    We're looking forward to building some pretty amazing residences for you to come /visit. We will be sure to get our prices and supply in order and set up a reliable buy:sell shop ASAP!

    Thanks for being awesome EMC!
  2. Welcome to EMC! I'm glad that both you and your wife feel welcome here, we're a great community. :)
  3. Welcome to EMC! :D Hope you enjoy your time here and hope you feel very welcome! :)
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  4. Welcome to EMC!
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  5. Welcome To EmpireMinecraft. We are glad you chose to come to one of the best minecraft servers out there. Make sure to read or catch up on some rules, or fee; free to ask one of your friendly Staff members. Enjoy your time at EmpireMinecraft.
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  6. Welcome to EMC! :)
  7. Thanks everyone! If you're ever on smp9, drop by 18143 to see what we've been up to!
  8. Welcome to EMC! If your interested smp8 is a great place, haven't seen your res yet so if it is really good don't move, but I guess not everyone can move to smp8. I will check out your res sometime.
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  9. Welcome, Welcome! Do you like llamas or ponies?
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  10. Hello and welcome, friends. :)
  11. Llamas are preferable to ponies. Both are excellent. Pack mules are the best.
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  12. And I will check out yours, sir! What's your address?
  13. 16542 and also I share one of my friends 16533 both on smp8
  14. I saw your res by the way it is nice I like it.
  15. Hey did u get my gift. And the dirt message, lol.
    Anvils are awesome.
    Hey did you check out 16533 and 16542? If u did I hope you liked it!