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  1. hi everyone

    I am not new to MC. Today found this cool server, hope can stay here always :D

    My location: lot 1975 @ smp1
  2. Well I hope your here for a long time welcome to the empire Cykoh! after reading the guide if you have any questions not included in the guide I will be glad to answer them
  3. Thanks bossbaby. in fact, i do really have question for my 1st day visit to nether and wilderness.

    I type /nether, then i exploring nether. But I cannot use /home back to my residential area.
    Lucky enough i found a portal, and coming out from portal, i think is wilderness...

    again, /home doesn't work in wilderness....

    Any way i can go back to spawn point??? I seem stuck there....and prevent myself to login (starving now)

  4. well we dont do teleports but you can use a nifty little thing called the live map! http://smp1.empireminecraft.com:8880/ this is the live map for smp1 you can use it to find your way back to the original spawn point. its a little confusing at first but it gets real easy. if you have any trouble learning to navigate around the map Ill help you
  5. Hi bossbaby, thanks for your tips.
    I've tried read from livemap, but 1 of the problem in live map is it's another map. The live map doesnt show the location of the town. it use warp. It cant be reach to town (correct me if I've made mistake).

    simply means, the TOWN MAP and WILDERNESS MAP is not link. And it's not within the "walk"able distance. :(
  6. Hey cykoh77 Welcome to Empireminecraft! I hope you enjoy your stay!

    The Town Map and Wild Map is not linked, however you can find your name on the right side of the map and when clicked, the map will show you your location.
  7. Yes. It show my location @ wilderness....
    so, where should i go in wilderness in order back to my town?
  8. welcome to this awsome server!!!

    ir order to go back to town u have to go to the teleport point in the wilderness (the point where u teleported to when u left town), when u are in the area of the wilderness teleport point u can type: /town and ull teleport to town
  9. TQ :) ok...so now i should start looking at the teleport house
  10. u can c it on the live map
  11. New to Minecraft and already a bold adventurer. You'll have no trouble learning :D

    And btw, welcome to the Empire. I'm also on smp1, at 2197.
  12. :)
    just wanna try how it looks like. Have swim across the pacific ocean in wilderness...lol

    tonight gonna play with wilderness
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