Hi Everyone

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  1. I am Gedwey_Ignasia.. my residence number is 3658, i have a shop and want to meet other people that could possibly help me on my res
  2. btw i live on Smp2
  3. Welcome to the Empire =). Hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. i think i will thankyou
  5. I also live on smp2! Welcome :D My residence is #3646.. Stop by anytime!
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  6. Welcome to the Empire!!! My res is 8017 on smp4 make sure to dope by my shop and there is always a discount for new people who join the Empire!
  7. Welcome to the empire!
    If you need anything come to my res on smp4 it's 9088.
    If you tell me on my profile I can give you a special price and deliver to you at your resident:)
    I hope you like it here!
  8. Thanks everyone and thanks for the residence numbers and i certainly drop by
  9. Anytime ;)
  10. Welcome to EMC :)

    who exactly do you charge full price then?
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