Hi Everyone!

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  1. Hey everybody! I'm new here and am looking for a great server here. Anybody got any recommendations?

    By the way, how do you join a server? I get that you hafto claim a space, but beside that...I'm lost! :(

    See ya around! :)
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  2. Welcome! I suggest smp2, most of us are friendly. If you need to understand the basics, I've found a pretty decent way to get people started. So yeah, if you end up joining another server but still need help I'll be on smp2. Just come get me and I'll be glad to help!
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  3. To claim a space, first type /v open.
    Then type /claim (number)

    Which you should have known, IF you had read the guide.
    It is also one of the questions in the tutorial.
  4. smp9 lots of cool places and small malls
  5. Welcome to EMC! All of the Smp's of the Empire are amazing! I play on all of them! Hope you have fun! =D
  6. Welcome to the Empire! It's refreshing to see people that use proper conventions on the Internet. :)
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  7. Welcome! Check out the Empire Guide at the top of this page, It will help you out along the way. Have fun!
  8. Hi! Welcome. If you ever need help, read the Guide!