Hi everyone. :)

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  1. Hey everyone I'm FireHose_Dragon. I first heard about this site from Minecraftopia few days ago and wanted to join in the fun, but I had to wait because I had already updated my minecraft before I knew about this site. Let me tell you a little about myself I love art and Minecraft I think Minecraft is the THE greatest game ever even my little brother love playing it. I like Nascar my favorite draver is Dale Earnhardt Jr. I'm nice and fun to be around with.

    Edit: do all EMCers on SMP6 sorry about me going on and off almost every few mins everyday my internet not that good.
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  2. Welcome to EMC!
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  3. Thanks WeirdManaico. :)
  4. Welcome to the empire. Make sure you read the guide! empire.us/guide
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  5. Welcome!
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  6. I will. :)
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  7. Thanks nfell2009. :)
  8. Hello! Welcome to this wonderful group of servers we have come to call the Empire ;)
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  9. Thanks _Stads_. :)
  10. Welcome to EMC! 330 days and I'm still not bored :)
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  11. welcome buddy good to see someone else likes that site!
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  12. No problem at all! You'll love it here amongst the friendly community :D
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  13. I have been looking for a Minecraft server with friendly community with no pvp and greafing (can't spell right) and I've found it. :)
  14. Thanks Joshposh70. :)
  15. I think its griefing as in causing grief. grief-ing
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  16. Ok thanks.
  17. Welcome to EMC! We're pretty friendly, though some people have their bad days and we do have some rude people every now and then but most of us still like to have fun and explore the wild. :)
  18. As you learnt very recently.
  19. Thanks PandasEatRamen. :)
  20. Welcome and merry Christmas!
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