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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm new to multiplayer minecraft, and have been playing on SMP4 for a few days now. Having lots of fun, I made a house and a shop (don't buy there, my stuff is expensive, i just wanted to make a shop) in town. I missed the weather though so have made a house in the wilderness.

    I know reading the empire guide that your things are not protected in the wilderness like the town, also it says it's against the commandments to destroy things people made or steal from peoples chests. Do many people live in the wilderness? Do people stomp on your sandcastle often? It's only a little house and I didn't make it out of diamond blocks, so I guess it doesn't matter that much if people do.

    Do people play often on the Utopia server? When I have been on it seems to be just me, or maybe one other, but that could be my timezone.

    Ok time for sleep.
  2. Hi there warm greetings from the empire to you.
    I look forward to visiting your lot on smp4. Building in the wild does carry with it a high probability that your structure will be griefed. Also ensure you don't leave valuable belongings anywhere in cheats in the wild because as of yet you cannot lock chests in the wild.
    The utopia server is used regularly by a few players, but currently diamond supporters are the only players allowed to claim lots there, and the wild and nether are only used by gold and diamond supporters. There may be incentives introduced to utopia in the future to increase traffic and usage there. The absolute most players i have seen in utopia at once is 7, and 3 of those were moderators. :)
  3. It is great to have you! And thanks so much for supporting Empire Minecraft as a Diamond supporter :)

    Utopia will get more popular as we introduce some more changes :)

    Unfortunately the Wilderness is just that - wild. I highly recommend you don't keep anything you care about there. We do ban thieves and destroyers but we don't catch them all every time.
  4. its great to see you become a supporter, let alone a diamond! if i know i can trust you there is a project in the wild that a few of us are working on: a village, that was once a testificate village, but it is invite only. but i have a feeling a lot of diamond supporters have a really good chance of getting in :) oh and welcome to the phenomenon!
  5. thanks for the welcome :)

    what is a testificate village?
  6. It's a village were the npc's live, and in 1.9.2 they were called testificates and had name tags above their heads
    but mojang removed that to remove confusion.