hi everyone ive been on server for i think 49 days but i have really never introudouced myself

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rodoet123456789, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. hi im rodoet123456789 iallredy know many of u on the server but i thought it was time to introuduce myself =)))
  2. Hey :) Im Sopby. Pleased to meet you :)
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  3. :)
  4. Hey, What Smp Do You Go On?:D
  5. wow colourful (-:
  6. Thanks;) I LOVE Your Hair:D
  7. You should get a signature
  8. Haha, tahnkyou :) I wouldnt know what to put lol.
  9. im on smp1 come visit 1350 some time friends=) and btw i agree with beau1999 ur hair is really nice =)
  10. Sure thing! And thanks :)
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  11. Welcome to empire minecraft! hope you stick for more time in here! :)
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  12. thank u friend =D
  13. With pleasure rodoet! Hope to see you around some time :)
  14. Welcome! Hope you can make it. I'm always dieing. Which is way my lot is self Sufficient:D