Hi everyone, I'm Romano and im looking for an ally...

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  1. I recently joined and started building my home on smp9, but i got stumped... I'm not sure what to build with all this space. My home, small store, and wheat, tree, and animal farms wont take up all of it. So.........
    I'm looking for a partner, one to share to residence with and gather supplies with.
    More info of me:
    -love to plan buildings and work together, but lack time and motivation to gather adequate supplies.
    -In charge of Delta Team smp9 mining colony
    -Being a high school student, i only log a few hours in the afternoon.
    -i have skype
    -also i love reddit :)
  2. I will ally you I live on smp8 I love designing
    I can help fill space
    :D :D :D:D
  3. I has home on SMP6 and Utopia, but I can fill your res with random things like stacked farms and machines.. :3
  4. When i get a chance (does saturday sound good?) i can flag you 2 and we can work for hours. Or at another time, whatever floats your boat. and if u have skype, we can talk to each other without needing the chat system.
    and thanks :) :) :)
  5. Romano44 - welcome....
    Without looking at your res - I suggest NOT opening it to others... where as many ppl have good intentions... The point of you having a res is it being your res...
    Go to each of the servers do a /v random 20 times... you'll find something to recreate
  6. True, im hoping it wont happen though...
  7. I don't destroy anything on res
    Unless told to
    (what country do you live in?)
  8. I do have skype and saterday is good maybe 1:00 pm
  9. Long Live Reddit! lol.
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  10. I live in America (Ohio) and Saturday works fine with me :)
  11. I give you a couple of recomendations to do this:
    Give flags only to 1 person (in case your residence gets griefed we all know who was)
    Give flags only when you are online (at least try to)
    I will personally go check your progress and help you out (if you need)
    This is a gift for you:
    Use it on your signature if you like so ;)
  12. Thanks for the advice Copherfield. and the banner :D
    of course, how do you attach it? i tried, but i kinda failed....
    But i saved the banner to my computer :)
  13. Just type in this code into your signature edit box:
  14. Welcome Romano! You can do whatever you like with your res that fits into the rules. My Res on SMP7 I have a house, Farm, Wool art, cobble gen etc. But you can do as you wish. You have from sky limit to bedrock to work with.
  15. Thanks Copherfield :) So far you've been a great help :)
  16. hey man ill make you a cobble and obsidian gen if you supply materials
  17. I'll be an ally your on smp.9 right? Oh yea I remember. And btw i dont need payed :p