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  1. Wow my very 1st post,. So far everything on the server is going great, exept for one thing,.
    I always seem to give away free stuff, (no big deal to me) so what if you need bunch of wood to help with your build i got tons of saplings i can grow more trees... lol..

    locking chests in wild?? humm...

    I made a shealter with a mine shaft, some small stuff was missing out of my chest. So i figured fine I placed 2 signs one out side stating Use shelter & mine Please don't Destroy,
    Sign on the inside above the chest states Use idems & leave idems for others, and my nick.

    I came back 2-3 days later to find the chest empty and my bed gone...

    Someone please tell me who's wrong here, me or the persons stealing after the fact that i posted sign USE, PLEASE DON'T DESTROY!!
  2. It's not your fault. Stealing from ANYWHERE, by ANYONE, from ANYONE, in ALL SITUATIONS is completely against the rules of the Empire. Oh, and welcome!!
  3. You can't trust people not to destroy things. If I'm following your story right, you can only Lock your chest. This cost 1000r, however, it will be impossible to destroy or open the chest unless their name is on the sign. I suggest taking a close look at the Empire Guide for all of these. To lock a chest, you would type
    First Line: Locked
    Second Line: Your name
    The other two lines can be used to place more names of players you absolutely trust. :p

    And after that monologue, Welcome to EMC! I hope things work out better for you in the future. Guard your things with your life! (Minecraft life, of course). If you ever see me around, be sure to drop a high down. :) Good luck, and happy days. :)
  4. Exactly. ^^^^ The rules are there, but you can't trust that everyone will follow them....
  5. A good tip: If you ever see someone stealing from you that you didn't give permission to, push F2 (Top of Keyboard). That'll get a screenshot and catch em' in the act. Then you'd just send that photo to a higher power. Just know: Only do this if you are absolutely sure they are stealing. :p
  6. Only send it if you're sure they are stealing. Feel free to spam f2, even if you're not sure. My general rule of thumb:

    "Screenshot first, ask questions later."
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  7. Thas' what I said! :D
  8. You should add that quote to your signature.
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  9. Mmm. Good idea.
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  11. Thank you, Shannon
    i'll have to keep a look out and see if i can find you.