Hi all this is kinda late :P

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  1. Hi I never did one of these and now I'm like 75 days old on EMC (I haven't checked properly that's a guess!) I've never really done a formal hi to say I exist I'm building a mega mall now and love these servers! Especially smp4 my home smp I have always been on. So I just wanna say hi and wanna meet some more EMC players :) to build with and make rupees! At the moment ice_lightning99 and I are building a mega mall (opening in less than 2 weeks!!!) and on ice's res a casino/hotel.
    Hope I see you around- Xothis_Dwarf
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  2. good to hear from you, and welcome to the empire forums, you will find many a friend on the forum as well as in game on here!

    what style of architecture are you working on with your mall? I'll try to get online and come have a look when I'm free :D
  3. Well it's not one of my greatest builds I regret not making it even better but it's made out of quartz blocks and glass at /v 9500
    Edit: wow you've been on emc since 2011! :O
  4. wow i am older than you by a 99 days on emc! never expected that!
  5. Haha yeah I'm guessing most 75 day olds don't make mega malls :p
    It's because this servers so great it brought me back into mc!
  6. Good luck with the shop, and a late welcome to Emc lol :)
  7. ik honestly I've accomplished just about nothing in my 174 days on emc
  8. Hello! I wish I were more like you... I am too lazy to set up even the smallest of shops, though one day I will own some sort of mall. Glad to know you exist! :p Can't wait to get shopping at your mall! Hint (Don't actually do this!): You will get a lot of business if you sell everything for 0-1 rupees. Diamonds will immediately become your best-selling product. The only drawback is you get no rupee profit and just may end up broke. :p
  9. Lol I did have a very productive shop at 9314 and closed it to open 9500 my new res and mega mall!
  10. good modern style of materials :) and indeed, old time supporter and still yet to finish my residence ;)
  11. Haha yeah good idea but would rather let someone else try first :3 and I have like 6k I spent about 250k on the mall :)
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  12. Here is a late welcome and the community and I hope to see good things of you.
  13. Thanks I'm hoping to be the next todd_vinton or alexchance and so on :p
  14. Well, I think you should dream bigger :).
  15. But what is more mega than a megamall?
  16. you dont want to be them, leowaste should be your goal ;)
  17. A supermegamall!!!
  18. I am I'm also making a casino/hotel out of quartz next door :p tell me if you get any better ideas and it's gonna be one of the biggest casinos ever on emc! Dunno if it will work
  19. We were thinking of making a 4 res thing if we had enough ideas to take up the space any ideas? We've managed 2 reses
  20. Oh yeah and who's leowaste???