Hi all I need all of your help

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  1. Yes i have bin on this server for a mouth or so and am staring to billd on my lind i wood like to have one of them tree house next to my shop/ hotel i have not got the shop set up yeat but if you have any good ides for my land on Smp5 that you can do or i can do give thim here? if thay are good i will pay you to make them Up to "1000 R" my land is at /v 11026 so give me a look well i will see you later!!;)

    Give my youtube a look At https://www.youtube.com/user/Dgibbs31960
  2. first of all you should make a house for yourself with all your appliances (furnace, crafting table,
    chest, etc.) then you should make a farm, it should be quite big if you want to sell alot, Then
    make your shop. It should be decent or noone will come to it, as well as all that you could make
    a couple of rooms to rent or to be bought. Last of all hve signs everywhere to help people round.
    If you want an example, I have been here 5 weeks on Empire Minecraft and it is awsome, I live
    on SMP 4 if you want to see an example, this goes for everyone, COME TO 9113!!!!!
  3. Thakes i will do some of the biger thages like the big tree house that people are making are just out of my abltes i have the house with rooms to reint bed craftig tables and all that it just that tree house that i wood like made for
    me that is i will start a farm sometime next week or later this week i have not made my mind up yet....
  4. dear mother of wat