Heyo peoples! My overdue intro!

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  1. Wow, so I decided to check how long I have been playing not only EMC, but minecraft as a whole today, and it would seem that I have been here for 30 days, or 1 month! Then I realized, I never did actually introduce myself to the community, now did I?

    I was originally told about EMC and Minecraft by my good friend zanderboy, who constantly bragged about being one of the longest active members of EMC :p. But away from that, before I came to EMC all I really played were MMORPG's, RPG's and shooters! It seems like a wild jump to come to Minecraft from the gaming background I have, doesn't it? But I quickly fell in love with the game and community! This is in great part thanks to deathconn, The Legend, samsimx, Cube and many others!
    I am Canadian born and raised, in high school and currently taking on a project I don't think has ever been considered before. I am turning an entire Utopia residence into a multi layered from, of which each crop has it's own 120x120 plot! Which leads me to this, I bought diamond for 4 months only 5 days after joining xD, now that is love at first sight!

    Well, there is always more I could put in, but I don't like ranting, so if you have any questions about me, feel free to ask! Does not mean I will answer them all though, as I am sure you all know that people don't share everything about themselves on the interwebs!
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  2. Like to see people loving EMC kike I do.
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  3. Kike?
  4. An impressive farm!
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  5. Late Welcome to the Empire then! Glad to have you on 7 :)
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  6. Like*, I was on my phone
  7. Lol, same except my phone tried to auto correct it :p and thanks for the welcome people!
  8. 7 will always be my home! Even if I spend stupid amounts of time in Utopia digging and planting and AFKing xD
  9. Just the lone smp8 player over here.... :p