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  1. So, I'm Seniade, same name on the server. I've been playing Minecraft for maybe 3 months? Maybe less, I dunno.. when did I buy it.... Anyway! My mind tends to wander a lot, obviously. For the longest time I thought you could only do Minecraft servers via LAN, and that's it. Boy, was I surprised when I googled 'is it possible to get on a Minecraft server that's not LAN?' out of pure curiosity.

    I'm still learning all the recipes and any and all tips and tricks would be muchly appreciated. Also, I *hate* skeletons. And creepers usually kill me.

    I would like to issue a BIG thank-you to southpark347 on smp9 who helped me get started on my pretty residence... which I cannot remember the number for... -_- and to Darkangledav for being so helpful in the chat as well. Also thanks to whoisis for the iron ignots! :D
  2. Welcome to EMC!
    Do join me for some wilderness fun sometime!
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  3. I have trouble reading your thread. Terrible eyesignt. I suggest making it all black. Welcome though!
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  4. I was joking but for me it is actually better to read :p.
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  5. Welcome Seniade to the Empire! The forums as I said to you in game, is a great way to connect with the community. Here you will learn more about the empire and meet many many more players to have fun with :)
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  7. Welcome! And have a nice stay!
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  8. Welcome! Don't forget to read the wiki and ask players if you need help with anything.
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  9. Welcome to EMC!
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  10. Welcome to EMC! :)
    A wild cow has appeared!
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  11. Moo.
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  12. IcecreamCow's don't moo, they scream heavy metal :p.
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  13. Welcome to EMC :)
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  14. Or go squosh. Anyway, welcome to EMC! Feel free to ask any questions, and remember, stay classy! Now, who did I just steal that from? I honestly can't remember...
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  15. either me or ron burgundy.
  16. Heyyooo

    so liek a tip will be: Minner sells cheap Enchantment stuffz at 10013 :p

    And liek, donating to EMC is fun \o3o/
  17. Hey-o! welcome to the empire!
  18. I look away for, oh, a half hour to grab some dinner (really late, I know) and the thread explodes! ^_^ Thank-you for the warm welcome, all. <3 <3 <3 for everyone because you've just made the community all that much more appealing to me. :D
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  19. recommend this server to your friends for more rupees and to boost awesomeness levels to over 9000!
  20. ;) Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
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