heyllo people of EMC

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  1. Hi all
    first things first I am scared of creepers no matter if they're 1 block away from me or 100, I rather not go near endermen either. I played the saxophone for three years until this year when I started playing basketball, I've played waterpolo most of my life so that's why I like to take my battles to the water in minecraft. my fav weapon is my trusty iron sword (which I don't have currently on the server I go on (smp4) i hope i get one soon). I am friendly so you can come up to me if you need help with anything (unless I am playing with TNT). yeah so that's about it thanks for reading.
  2. Hey there! Welcome to EMC!

    I'm not scared of creepers, I just find them annoying. Endermen, however, bother me to no end, mostly because of the sounds they make, and because they keep teleporting around so you never know where they are! :mad: