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  1. Hello there! Anyways I'm new here and have been looking for ages to find a Server with residences. NOW I have :).
    Just a few questions and Ideas...
    Is it possible to make a shopping mall and supply people with goods etc?
    Is pit mining allowed (3x3,5x5 etc holes down to bed rock)
  2. I'm not sure of the answers to your questions, however I would like to extend a warm WELCOME! I hope to see you on our servers soon! :D
  3. Hi TerryDaTerrorist,
    Yes you can make a mall, there are several throughout the different towns. Check them out for a good guide to pricing. Pit mining is generally frowned upon AT LEAST. It may be actually against the rules completely since you say "pit mining" and I hear "wilderness trap". I would advise against it and appreciate if you didn't leave giant holes for me to fall in to out there :p
  4. if you mean digging out your residence and not in the wilderness you can do that but you will have just tons of dirt lol but if you mean wilderness... It is frowned upon because if someone doesnt notice it they could fall all the way down and die :(
  5. Okay thanks guys, yeah 4 of my friends and I are gonna start a mall and dont worry ITS gonna be REALLY cheap!
  6. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  7. Be careful with that. You want to have prices high enough so people can sell to you for a good profit (for them) but low enough so that you can sell more to others and still make a profit. It's a tricky balance.
    Welcome to the Empire!!
  8. I'm sorry sir, but we need to confiscate all of your luggage.
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  9. heyllo welcoe to the Empire where the server trolls youXD
  10. LOL no worries haha