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  1. Hey emc folks,

    My name is warchicken, I've been playing minecraft for a very long time, have gotten myself into some server stuff and feel it's time to start playing a bit again.

    I'm from Belgium, I play games such as tribes, urban terror, cod, bf, etc. I listen to minimal music, dubstep, trip hop, downbeat, ambient, hard rock. Everything!
    In my spare time I design graphics, create gifs, edit videos. Not on a professional level but level:fun.

    Since you're still reading this (so brave) feel free to suggest a server to join, haven't claimed any of my 4 residences yet.

    See you!
  2. SMP3 FTW! Also, Welcome!
  3. Welcome, Warchicken! Personally, my main residence is on SMP6. SMP8 and 9 are the newest, of course, so there's more selection there. All up to you!
  4. Hello Welcome to the Empire!
    I would suggest claim your first res on Utopia it has the biggest Resisdences, just for gold and Diamond Suppoerters.
    Then Claim another 3 resisdences on another 3 servers
    PS: I'm on SMP1
    Hope you imjoy your time at EMC! :)
  5. 120x120's require lots of materials that I don't have :)

    Also, you're on SMP** ?
  6. Fail LOL SMP 1
  7. I'm intrigued and want to ask what convinced you to go straight to Diamond Supporter level if you don't mind?
  8. My friend went to Diamond Supporter in his first 4 hours of playing on EMC.
  9. Welcome to EMC! I hope you do enjoy your time here. I suppose my centered SMP is 8 now; so I hope to see you there. You should claim a residence in Utopia, just to have one if for no other reason. The other three are entirely your choice. One of them has an amusement park so you could claim one there. Yes, SMP 8 and 9 are the newest; you tend to see really cool residences there because it was only available to supporters a while back. In truth, in the end, all the SMP's are awesome! :D
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  10. SMP5 its the coolest :p
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  11. U Wish :p
  12. Well mate you gotta accept the truth ...
  13. I hear Lies
  14. Yours lies ... :p anyways I think warchicken.com is quite an interesting and sophisticated website :D
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  15. Welcome to the Empire! I'm surprised no one's suggested smp2...
    We get some good antics going around there. Definitely the most fun place on the Empire for me. Well, most of the time anyways :p
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  16. Okay here's where you put your residences.

    4: Smp10(when it comes out)
  17. Welcome :) Enjoy!
  18. Too much money on my hands? :p

    I try hard :)
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  19. Please do get a residence on Utopia! If it sits empty for a while, well, not like anyone will complain! Oh, and Welcome :D
  20. Welcome to the Empire! Doesn't mind what server you choose all are equally awesome!
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