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  1. So, I realised that I have never posted on the forums. So I thought I would now.
    Hello everyone! I've been on empire for almost a year now, since September (i think). My residence is on SMP 1 if you want to visit me - Number 1796. I have a melon shop - melons are love, melons are life - so you can fulfill all your melon needs!
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  2. Hi Toothless. Nice to meet you and welcome to the Empire. :)
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  3. Welcome to EMC!
  4. Heya there Toothless! Welcome to EMC. I hope you have a skele-ton of fun here. (Joke from undertale I know) But I hope you have a good time here. As the Skeles say (skeleton noise) or I hope you have a good experience here!
  5. Welcome to the Empire, Toothless!
  6. welcome 2 the forums then! ^.^

    be sure 2 check out the forums, can be a lot of fun
  7. yeah ive been going through them

    theres some cool (maybe weird) stuff on here