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  1. Hey fellow Minecrafters. My name is Marek and im from Estonia. I have played Minecraft for about a year for now. Im 18 years old. I like to play Minecraft and other games. but mostly i play Minecraft and GTA San Andreas Multiplayer. My Minecraft name is meyrek and i really love this server. Im playing on other server too and im running forums on that server. I hope i have good time on this server and i love to meet new friends. You can add me on steam: elevant79.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.... My mother language is not English :D it's estonian.

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  2. Good to have you :) I hope you like it here!
  3. Welcome to the Empire.
  4. Thanks guys :D i really hope ill have good time in this server :D
  5. Welcome to the Empire Marek. Should you need any help, just send me a pm and I'll do what I can.
  6. good glad you like the game
  7. Welcome to the Empire meyrek! Glad to have you here with us. This will be a good experience for you. I love this place. I have bounced around other SMP servers since 1.7.3 and this is by far the best community I have been in. :)
  8. Welcome to the Empire!
  9. Thanks to all :D
  10. Welcome, enjoy your time here.... i'm sure u will! =)