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  1. Few of you probably know me, but I'm (kinda back). If I don't know you, nice to meet you and all that jazz.

    But if you do from way back when, well then, hey what's up hello?

    - Buss (aka game_is_loading)
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  2. where u been buttface!
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  3. Welcome back to EMC :)
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  4. hey man, remember me?
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  5. Biteme - Narnia. I've been in Narnia.

    Sam - Of course I do...glad to see ya!
  6. I remember this guy, and that weird samsimx kid.... he is kinda a stalker so watch out.

    Welcome back ;)
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  7. Welcome back:) BussGIL. Good to see players returning (well kinda returning).
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