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  1. Longtime Minecraft player, never been a big multiplayer guy though. Decided to try and find a solid community to sink me time into as we got close to the full release.
  2. you found the right place if your into a survival server! with an economy at that! welcome looking forward to see what you create!
  3. Welcome to the Empire :)
  4. You've found the right server. We're definately a 'solid community' :)
  5. Thanks you guys, already feel like I've made a good choice, haha.
  6. by the way plus one for you EDM music don fig :)
  7. welcome
    to the empire
  8. Thanks!
  9. any chance of the homecoming mix becoming available for download?
  10. When I throw up my next mix I put my old one up for download. I try and do at least one a month.
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  11. Welcome!

    I'd say you've found your self a good, solid place to play too. :)