Hey, Yo, Hi, What dup!!!

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  1. new to the neighborhood, residing on smp4. shout me out or come fun me, come see what im up to. im always looking for friends/partners. if there is a guild on here somewhere like Miners' Anonymous or Builders Association or something completely different. look me up, res is 8166
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  2. Welcome to EMC! Hope you have a great time here!
  3. Welcome to the Empire, Hope you enjoy it here and most of Smp4 members are awesome :)
  4. Welcome to the empire! By the way, Guilds and clans arent allowed on Emc(As far as i know).
  5. Well organizations are, so pretty much guilds. BUT NO PvP!
  6. Change youre font color. It makes my eyes burn.
    Im not trying to sound demanding.
  7. This better?
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  8. thx for the replies guys. :)