hey wtf!?

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  1. i got randomly banned for spamming how????
  2. Ban Appeal
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  3. spamming is a offence so there was a reason
  4. This is not the proper place to appeal a ban. Please PM (start a conversation) with a mod instead of posting a 7 word question saying that you got banned for spamming SOMEHOW? If you didn't they'll need some proof that you didn't
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  5. me to!!!! i was not spaming i was farming!!
  6. its only fore 2 hurs
  7. Does nobody pay attention to what proper standard protocol is? Submit a PROPER ban appeal.
  8. Did you not read my post? I'm not even a mod so PM one and appeal your ban don't forget you need significant proof to get it lifted if you acually were farming
  9. they they give me prove that i spammed
  10. So you did?
  11. Must you all be so narrow mindedd? You must have done Something i mean our mods arnt always right but they're serious about their banning
  12. no typo then they give me prove that i spammed
  13. In that case then, we consider this thread closed from any further unnecessary postings.
  14. i can swear to god i didnt spam
  15. Lock coming in 3..2..1..
  16. Honestly, most people are children that don't generally read rules and break them without regards and then complain when they are banned or whatever.. Most of the people whom ban appeal the wrong way are people who have never read the Empire guide and probably googled the answers to the tutorial or ran through every passage until they got it right..
  17. thatz what ur suppost to do it even says use the empire guide to help you get through the tutorial
  18. ... You are my new best friend, autumn. How about we suggest an open-ended evaluation quiz... haha.
  19. She said that they googled it instead of looking at yhe guide read more carefully
  20. While his ban appeal was improper, there is actually a chance that his ban was a mistake. While I'm not sure, as I wasn't the one to ban him, the circumstances seem like an oversight. Since it is such a short ban, however, there is little reason to overturn it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.