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  1. Hi,

    If you don't know me my username is Olaf_C. I am a diamond supporter. I am not new to the forums but i just want to introduce myself. I have 3 reses on the smp1 and a utopia res. Right now i am working on 2 major projects. One is a 60x60 spleef arena and a 16-17 story utopia wood farm with a club on smp1. If you ever need help with anything I am here as a friend. I tend to do jobs for free or for really cheap so PM me if you ever need anything. The main reason I am here is because i felt like i got on with the wrong for a lot of people. My dream is to become a moderator but to sum everything up, i am here as a friend so PM me if you ever need a favor.
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  2. Tops of the morning.