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  1. Hey I'm Heyaroo and I've been playing EMC since September and I must say this place is AWESOME!!

    I've met so many wonderful people through this community and I just love everything about EMC.

    Heres a little story thats actually much longer:
    I started off with a 4x6 wood house..a sad little house but then I went to the wild and discovered FEC (Freedom Elite Community) where I spent most of my time building castles and houses and making friends. It was an amazing community where I've met some of my closest friends. But of course griefers happened repeatedly and FEC had to end because of other circumstances too.
    Then..I started to make a small shop, hotel, parkour, pig racing, water slide....no success XD
    Later though, the Mob Arena was moved into town and my friend and I decided to move in front of the mob arena. I started to build a water slide adventure that eventually led to an amusement park.

    Loooong story short: i made an amusement park, met great friends and i love EMC!

    I decided to make this post because I just started to get into the forums. I think the forums make EMC even more fun.

    Anyways, nice to meet you! And happy holidays!
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  2. well nice to meet you, welcome to the forums, its another EMC addiction to use while you cant get on the pc ;)
    hope your enjoying your time here, ive been here for 322 days and still loving it :)
    happy holidays
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  3. Merry Christmas Heyaroo ^.^ I will be your Grand Opening tomorrow :D
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