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  1. Intro:
    Hello! Some of you know me in-game, some on the forums, some well don't have a single clue who I am at all. Well, to clear this issue first, I am a female not a male, lots of you are mistaken. :rolleyes: Well, I am 141 days old as prior to 6 September. There's a lot of people that had helped me in the Empire but I would like to thank the following:
    Herbrin3 - Even you're not here anymore, thanks for being a great friend, thanks for helping me too~
    Terrydaterrorist - Nice guy, a very good friend
    Big Davie, Shaunwhite1982 - A great mod, a nice guy too,help me lots.
    Faithcaster - Be it in your alt, you're a nice person to have a chat with.
    Serialkicker, Moemaczap, Thekimber1911, Killerbyte12 - :) Really nice people, great to talk to!

    Ask me Anything:
    Ask me anything you want to know in the comments!!

    I realised I have lots to give away so I'll make a thread in Community discussions instead!
    LINK: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/give-away-celebrating-me-being-a-well-known-member.14886/
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  2. what server are you normally on.. dont think ive seen you before
  3. I've seen you before, ^.^. SMP9, well mostly.
  4. Do you live on smp1? Cause I do:D
  5. Nah, I do go on SMP1 occasionally. Most bubbly sever!! :)
  6. If you decide to get a gold or diamond membership sometime, move to smp1!!:D
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  7. Would soon in a month or so ;) will be making an enchantment shop there too, maybe.
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  8. I didn't know that! YAY for more girls on EMC :D
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  9. Awesome:D
  10. well good luck and give me a call if ya want help wif anything.. always like helpin in the community
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  11. Thank you!
    You are a really cool guy and a very nice friend.

    Long Live The Empire xD
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  12. I agree with you!! Long live the empire:D