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  1. Hey guys, just so you know a bit about me. I have been playing minecraft for lest than a year! so i am a little new. i know my way around pretty well though. I have not ever been on a server before so that part is totally new! if there is anything i should know please tell! ;) I have watched my share of Lets Plays on YouTube so i get how they work pretty much... I will see what i can find in the forum, but are there any "Public Utilities" anywhere? Like: Garden, Tree farm; Stuff like that?! Well I'm on usually a few days a week or more sometimes! My Res is on SMP5 so feel free to say hi! Thanks guys!
  2. Welcome to the Empire! :)
    I dont know where many Public Utilities are atm...but I'll keep an eye out for ya ;)
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  3. Welcome to EMC :) - it was / is my first server as well.
    Visit shops that buy and sell, like 12221 on smp6 - to decide what to dig / farm / craft yourself, what to sell and what to buy. E.g. if you need diamonds, it is much easier to chop half stack of logs, sell them and buy a diamond than to go out and dig for diamonds.
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  4. Welcome to the Empire :) I don't know too many public utilities places but ask around, because lots of places will have anvils and things like that. You can go tree farming at the wood chopping event, watch out for that on the front page when it's next on!
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  5. There are many smp8 FARMS, iron farm, gold farm, "sushi" farm, slime farm, squid farm...
    There is also a tree farm on smp3, /v 6333. :)
    And a wool farm, /v 7099
    Welcome to the empire!!!
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  6. Thanks Guys! i will check these all out!
  7. Welcome to EMC!
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  8. Welcome to EMC!
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  9. Welcome to EMC scharpe!
    This is definitely the server to play on. I say that the main features of the Empire are the abilities to go to the waste for mining, frontier for building, and town for a 100% grief free plot to build on. The best feature though is the community. You probably already know about all of this if you've played around for a little while, but I thought I'd mention it just in case...
    Unfortunately none come to mind as I'm not in town too often but in the frontier, however if you need help building any I'll gladly lend a hand... :)
    Cool, maybe we can run into each other sometime. If you need anything, my home is on smp2 at 3757. Feel free to stop by sometime... :)
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  10. Well how about an original hello? ;)

    Greetings, friend. Enjoy your stay at the Empire Minecraft Server!
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  11. Welcome to ze Empire. Where dreams of adventure come true.
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  12. Hi scharpe. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  13. Hey there! Welcome to EMC! :)