Hey, My name is Cris

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  1. Hey my name is Cris, I love minecraft and league of legends play them all the time, if you ever want a friend hit me up im pretty chill if i do say so myself haha

    I have a shop, im selling pretty cheap stuff im on server 3

    my store is on server 3, and jst go on the chat and type:

    /v crisiscris

    to teleport to me and check my stuff out!

    if you ever wanna do adventures hit me up in here or PM so i can give u my skype and, xfire anyways hope to meet ya!!!!!!!
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  2. Great to have you :)
  3. SMP3, good choice : )
    I also play league of legends. I'm level 30 and mostly jungle, and am looking to improve -- if you want to play just add me, username amadai ; )
    Also stop by SMP3 7471 if you need any help!
  4. Hi My name is Mantle251 Res Number:6173 Nice to meet you cris
  5. I'm in Smp3 too :D
  6. I used to play LoL, but then I remembered that DoTa and all of its spawns are boring and repetitive.