Hey members of the empire (and that's not a skyrim refrence)lol

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  1. Sooooo guys and gals (if gals play M.C.)
    I'm new (to mine craft servers in general) and wanna virtually hang with my fellow noobs!
  2. Welcome to the Empire! What server are you on? :)
  3. alrighty then.. (shakes head)
    Welcome to EMC!
    Since you say your a new player be sure to check out the Empire Guide so you can learn the basics of the server so you can enjoy it fully :D

    What SMP (server) did you get your residence on? :p
  4. ah i got ninja'd :(
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  5. NINJA whoooppaaaah! ;D
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  6. Welcome to the empire!
    I suggest you also o join a guild, Delta Team for example it's a friendly group that joins both noobs and masters to help each other survive and thrive together :)
    Idk if you like the idea, but if you do PM me ;)
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