Hey, im shames611. and im happy to lend any newcomers a hand.

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  1. Welcome to the community. Im shames611. i am a diamond supporter
    and i would be happy to lend you a hand whenever you need it.
    i am on Smp4. if you want to hit me up for some supplies /v shames611
  2. Lol, when I read the title I was so tired I thought it said "hi, I'm ashamed and I'm happy..."
    Anyways, I'm glad to see new players helping out newer players. Good job!
  3. hahaha. so im assuming its dark where you are?

    Thanks. im new to this server but i've been using minecraft since Alpha.
  4. how new? And welcome to the server I think you will enjoy it here
  5. It is dark here in the land of California. :D
    I started playing at Beta 1.2.
    Oh, and today is my 100th day on EMC. :D
  6. happy EMC birthday secret :p your still alive at 100 congratulations :s
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