hey im new here

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  1. hey all after a 7 month hiatus im getting back into minecraft. yesterday was my first day as an empire citizen. I hoped after being gone for so long my skills didnt decrease and that i wouldnt get bored. well needless to day i think my creations are looking good and i spent 11 hours playing so i did not get bored. if you want to go on an adventure or something message me im open to new friends and comrades. also check out my store opening soon. we hope to have it open in idk 1 or 2 weeks. my big worry is getting supplies so if you want to be a supplier we be happy to sign you on we specialize in nature goods and have wonderful aesthetics.
  2. Well welcome to EMC hope you having good fun on minecrafts best server.
  3. Welcome To EMC!
  4. Welcome to the Empire! :)
  5. Welcome to the Empire!! How did you find us?
  6. Welcome to EMC :)
  7. welcome
    if u need any help with anything id be glad to offer my services to any1 who needs it xD
  8. Welcome to the community