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  1. Yeah i know its a lame name but whatever, i've been looking for an actual good server/community for a while now and I think this might be the best one, it was recommended on minecraftopia.com.

    p.s. i've been trying to get into the servers but its been saying there is a bad login Picture 4.png
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  2. Welcome To EMC!
    And also try and relog minecraft and it should work
  3. alright i'll be at the beach for a couple hours today but ill get on and try when i get back, thanks
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  4. You got disconnected wrong, or somebody is using your account
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  5. i dont think someone is using my account the only time i gave out my password was to join this sight
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  6. There are/where ways to crack minecraft codes.
  7. Also, your name is not lame.
  8. Ii just logged in, it was probably just a bug, i'll be playing on smp6 when I get back from the beach
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  9. *Charip thanks, wish mojang let you Chang them though
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  10. lol, that would cause so many problems.
    SteveDude gets banned on EMC. Goes to Mojang and changes name - no longer blacklisted....
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  11. Are you an alt of someone?

    LOVE the profile picture.
    LOVE the MineCraft name.

  12. When I read this my eyes weren't focused right, I read this as COUNTtheLAMAZE I was like wut? :3 Welcome to EMC!

    Also, that bad login thing happens to everyone. All you do is like was said and close and re-log. I wouldn't get too freaked out by the "someone's using your account" if the only time your password was given out is to join EMC.
  13. Yeah I guess so chickeneer I didnt think it would be a good idea either really. And thanks like a pig, hope to see you around
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  14. Also what's an Alt
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  15. Alternate account. We've had a lot of people lately get second accounts and join then have us guess. One person actually has somewhere around 6 I think? :confused:
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  16. Nah, Rob has 7 on EMC, and others not registered, something like that.

    Anywho, welcome to the Empire!
    I'm trying to count llamas but I don't see any...
  17. Well I'm not an alternative account, don't see why you would need 7 accounts
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  18. To get lots of rupees and residences.
    And to mess with people on the forums and have guessing games.
  19. Huh. That's an idea. :p