hey im brennian

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  1. Hey all im brennian and im not new but i didnt introduce myself so this is the time :)
    my (rl) name is : Lesley Dom
    i live in: Belgium
    and i speak : Dutch

    ps: why are the servers always full ?!? -.- :(
    can somebody get more space to the servers?
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  2. Welcome to the empire, Servers are always full because we so popular :p . Best way to get on the server is to join during a low point in the day. If you dont want to wait you can always donate to the server :p
  3. Brennian! :) I want to live in Belgium too - you should find me a job over there! ;) I am in Japan now, but my wife wants to move to Europe - she likes Germany and wants to go there.
    I went to your house yesterday, but it was so different and I couldn't find the bread - do you still sell it? I liked buying it from you cause you had a really good price!
    I will be on EMC a lot soon, because I will be on vacation for the next three weeks! Hope to see you in the Empire!
  4. Nice to meet you Im glad you made this post because I dont see many people on Smp 1 besides the normal ones that I always see lol