Hey im Awesomedug

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  1. im a pretty cool guy to hang out with im new to the site and the server its a bit confuseing but im sure ill get the hang of it soon well lets see about me hmmmm well i have a (psn:blackrose9x9 ) and i strongly disagree with griefing in any way shape or form from stealing to just plane destroying player placed blocks im a cool guy to be around if i do say so my self hit me up on the server (if there are even any free slots to join heh)
  2. Well Welcome to EMC :p
  3. Welcome to Empiremincraft Awesomedug1115!

    If you want to buy anything, Check out
    Res: 3135 on SMP2 The Best shop in SMP2 and perhaps in SMP1
    We restock daily.

    Need advise or want a design on building your house?
    Ask me! Ill be glad to help build :3

    Then again Welcome to EmpireMinecraft SMP2!!!
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  4. and now you are just spamming.....
  5. hey yux sorry for ditching you on the server something very tramatic happend today :/ please understand and ill be with you on the server soon
  6. i fail to see how shes spamming in any way
  7. that would be because he deleted some of his posts

    hew had 5 posts all saying the same exact thing in 5 different threads
  8. what? its a good way to say hello and welcome thats not spamming
  9. the best way to say hello is to just say hello

    advertising your shop while saying hello and posting it 5 times in 5 minutes is spamming
    in your opinion it's not
    by definition it is

    anyways there is no point to argue this anymore since the posts are already gone
  10. Hey, Welcome to EM :) I have a plot at smp1 if you wanna see it check it at 1265. See you ingame