Hey! I am Supernanoman!

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Would you rather go mine minerals or buy them?

Mine the minerals! 12 vote(s) 75.0%
Buy the minerals! 5 vote(s) 31.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hey Everyone!

    My name is Supernanoman, and I have got to admit, from what I have seen on this server so far, it is absolutely AWESOME! I am 13 years old and I love to play Minecraft Multiplayer, (this is my new favorite server). Hope to see you all around!

    Thanks, Supernanoman
  2. Good to have you, thanks for introducing yourself! What server do you call home?
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  3. How do i get to play on a server?
  4. How do i get to the servers to play on them?
  5. I have signed up for the smp3 server as it seems to be a good one for new players! :)
  6. You access the servers by typing in any of the 'connect address' on THIS page. :)
  7. Well, first of all you need to go to a server: smp1, smp2, smp3, or smp4. I recommend smp3 or 4 for new players. If you chose 3 then go to smp3.empireminecraft.com, if you chose 4 then go to smp4.empireminecraft.com. Once you are logging in to one of those servers, the server will give you a code (if you have not registered before), if you already registered then you should automatically log into that world. Once you complete the tutorial using the Empire Guide, you can talk in chat and do some neat commands (refer to the Empire Guide for them). When you are done the tutorial and are in town, you can claim a reasonably large plot by doing /visit open, and then once you are at a vacant plot you can claim it using /claim [number of plot].

    Thanks for asking and hopefully this should get you started! :p

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  8. Lol I posted my reply at the same time you posted yours! :p

  9. Lol, great minds think alike :)
  10. Yup it is quite obvious. :)

  11. You used to play on Vaultcraft! D:
  12. Hey Ladinn! :). Nice to hear from you again! :p
  13. D: Why'd you leave Vaultcraft?! D:
  14. What?! I never "left" Vaultcraft. I just got a bit ticked off that someone reset our land chunks. So I went to play on other server to help cope with the frustration I was in. But seriously don't worry, I never left Vaultcraft and I never will! :)
  15. =D Well don't worry, the server's never resetting again. Just got a new processer in to hold the 350 players :p

    Well, enjoy Empire, (this server is cool D:)
  16. Ok thanks :). I will be sure to check out the server soon. By the way what plot do you live in on EmpireMinecraft?
  17. I
    I don't have one, just checked out this site and saw your name :p
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  18. Sorry to butt in, does this mean you havent even been on games servers to play yet?
  19. Well, I play on my server... ;)

    Hope this isn't advertising, if it is, delete this but: http://www.vaultcraft.com
  20. Though I don't really play, more... manage :rolleyes: