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  1. My name is Kristin and I have been playing Minecraft for years but have never had the time to play on servers unto now.... I just went back to college after leaving 5 years ago. Mother of two and a wife of a Minecraft player. Our oldest plays too, she love to kill piggy mostly but other wise, I am just looking to have fun with other people then just myself...
  2. It's a minecrafters family! :eek:
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  3. And welcome to Empire Minecraft Servers, please feel more than obligated to ask for help over here at the forums ^^ :p
    Also, call all your family! you guys will have fun with our awesome comunity!
  4. welcome to empireminecraft:)
  5. Hey, welcome to the Empire. Do any other members of your family happen to play here on EMC?
  6. my daughter is 3 so she plays with me sometimes, my husband work too much but I did ask him if he wanted to...
    He is stuck on Skyrim!
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  7. I have always thought, a family that plays together, stays together. :)
    Welcome to EMC, I hope your enjoy your time here and I can't hold a grudge to your husband, skyrim is awesome too.
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  8. Great to have another MC family :) Hope you enjoy Empire Minecraft!
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  9. My Bro, sometimes plays, hes Videogamesxeqq, but he doesnt anymore. :mad: ...

    Anyway, welcome! Hope to see you , and you family on!
  10. OK! My husband and I can be found in Server 3 lots 7420 and 7419, and our daughter plays in our lap. Loving this Game and website!
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