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  1. Hey my name is zzbell and i've been playing on Empire Minecraft for pretty long now and have just found this. I'm loving the Empire so far with already having 3 houses. The one i have now is the smallest but it's enough for me! Like i said before i love Empire Minecraft, alot of effort has clearly been put which i'm sure everyone is thankful for. I play on smp3, i love being friends with everyone and helping when and where i am needed! I also like how the max players is 60 (even though smp3 always seems to be the busiest).
    I look forward to playing more and if you have a question about something i will try my best to answer it for you!
    xx zzbell
  2. P.S. I would love to be a supporter but my mum (I'm Aussie) thinks I'm "too addicted" to minecraft....
  3. Haha it is impossible to be too addicted to MC!!!!
  4. Lol! Same here... :p
  5. I know but she seems to think there is a limit.. :/
  6. i like this server so much that i got my friend to play on it (Elizabella) who introduced her bro to it (Stoneflame88), who then got his friend to play as well (Tropicalcrush), who introduced his sister to the Empire (Novembersnow143).
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  7. Wow I think I got to meet all of them already and they are great people! ;)
  8. Keep spreading the love, man!

    19 years old and a credit card ftw! Now if only I could find a job...
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  9. what about me zzbell im your freind right:)
  10. Yay! Glad to hear so many people loving the Empire :) my mum said I was too addicted too, so I told her at least I'm not addicted to something like crack xD

    EMC > drugs.
  11. Pssshhhh, Minecraft addiction, those dont exist :p, but hey whats up? EMC is the place to be :), what server do you play on?
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  12. Smp2 here :) 3646!
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  13. Oh wait, I was talking to you yesterday XD, I had to dig this giant whole as a job, totaly worth it though :)
  14. You were too! I'm doing that at the moment xD on smp1. I've actually been doing a lot of jobs lately, but yeah it's worth it :)
  15. Ill say, Im a total cheepskate XD, I love getting money, but some jobs are really difficult these days.
  16. Hahah, fair enough. Some are. If you're looking for a job at the moment come to Shawnzup's res on smp1 (2431). He's looking for workers.
  17. The word mum looks really weird.. I'm english but im used to seeing it written as MOM on here. :p
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  18. Same problem with mum.......
    Thinks its a waste of money:(
  19. Ill look into it, and yes, I am thinking about becoming Iron or Gold supporter, mostly cause Im low on cash right now, and I cant become diamond :p