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  1. Hello friends, name is volterite1 in-game, real name is David. I'm 15 and live in NY. I have been playing minecraft for about 4 years or so now, but for the last year I have been more focused on steam. I got a bunch of games there and I trade in csgo, but recently I got back into minecraft, for how long I do not know, hopefully with this server I'll be on minecraft a bit longer. Some of my hobbies are swimming and helping my cousin build computers.
    Thanks for checking out my thread, hope to meet all of you on the server, I currently have a res in smp6, started playing a day ago but forgot to post an intro.
  2. You play cs go? Want to trade?
    Whats your steam
  3. Welcome to the empire, David
  4. volterite3 is my url id thing, name is painless. I have a 300 dollar inventory, hmu on steam
  5. Thanks guy
  6. Alright I added you
  7. Welcome to the Empire :D
  8. Thanks c:
  9. Ayy i live in NY too! Welcome to this server!
  10. Welcome to the Empire! Have a nice time! :)
  11. Welcome to the empire Fellow New yorker :)
  12. Thanks guys :)
  13. Welcome to the Empire! We hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. Welcome to EMC! Hope you have a great time :D
    (Smp6 rules, stay away from 8)
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  15. Welcome to EMC!
  16. Hi welcome to the Empire David
  17. Welcome to EMC :)