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  1. Hi all! My name is probably unfamiliar to almost all of you, maybe even my old name! But I would like to introduce myself as Urf, as you can tell from the last part of my name. Now even though it says "Well-Known Member," I probably was and am not very well known. My previous user name was redwing2000, and I believe it has been about 2-3 years since I was anywhere near active on the server.

    A few Q&A:

    Q: Why did you leave way back then?
    A: I personally found PvP way more appealing at the time, and I had gotten myself on a few PvP server leaderboards, and the notoriety really fueled my drive. However, after my favorite PvP server shut down, I decided to quit minecraft for a few months, and then one day as I was looking through my PC, I remember I actually had this game and had some nice times.
    Q: Why did you come back?
    A: Funny story, I just got an email about a thread on here that I was notified about, and then I responded to it saying I had left the server. But then I took a bit of a looksies on the website and saw all these cool new things that were implemented and I was honestly really impressed! Empire MC has come a long way from what I used to play on, and it's only gotten better!
    Q: Do you plan to stay here?
    A: I am going to try my best to, but I'm gonna need some friends, considering that most of my current mc ones play PvP servers and aren't huge smp fans.

    Alright guys, that's basically all that is needed to be known about me, if you have any questions, please do ask! However I do have a few questions of my own right now:
    Q: What is a good and active smp right now?
    Q: Why does everything take years to kill? (jokes xD)
    Q: Would mining be the best way to earn money or is there a better way now?
    Thanks for the time for reading this! -Urf

    TL;DR: Old player, joining back, I have questions and I left because PvP > PvE until recently!
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  2. Hi Urf. Welcome back. I think most servers are fairly active but you might want to check around to find one that fits your style. SMP8 is the strangest one and if you set up there, you will probably end up being married to someone or something. I'm on smp3 myself and am usually quite quiet. As for earning money, you can vote for the server, mine, hold auctions or start a shop or mall. I hope this help some. Once again welcome back and enjoy your stay. :)
  3. Thanks man! I'll be sure to explore the various ones, and try all the mentioned methods!
  4. Hey, I remember you! Welcome back. :D

    PvP is the only thing that interests me in Minecraft nowadays. I don't play EMC very often any more, and am only really active on the forums. Anyway, to answer your questions:

    Q: What is a good and active smp right now? You hear the most about SMP8 because they have the most active forum members (or at least it seems like it). SMP5, my home server, is pretty active also.
    Q: Why does everything take years to kill? (jokes xD) They're preparing us for 1.9 where a PvP fight takes 10 minutes instead of 10 seconds.
    Q: Would mining be the best way to earn money or is there a better way now? Mining's a pretty good way to earn money. There are better ways (huge auto farms, miniboss hunting, promo market, etc) but normal mining, and rarely a bit of quartz mining, is always my favorite.

    Side note: EMC recently reached 100,000 forum members. They released a ton of special items, and one of those was the "Mineral Mincer" - an efficiency 7 (or 8, I can't remember) pickaxe that breaks stone instantly. Pick a few of those up from /shop or /promo 100k and it'll make mining a lot easier. (I think the promo is still active).
  5. Welcome back to EMC, smp4 rules