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  1. ahoy mates!

    i'm epoidon, i joined the empire family 2 days ago. since then ive opened my own shop, been to others's shops, fought my way around the nether and wilderness, and met some friends along. through my journeys you all have taught me a great deal of wisdom and a new fun way to play minecraft. You can find me at my shop at 8702 ... Epoidon's Emporium :] I'm always looking for advice on how to improve my shop so suggestions are definitely appreciated. I'm always willing to adventure, meet new friends, and have fun along the way. I look forward to what the EMPIRE has in store for me, and i'm glad to be a part of the EMPIRE family. :]

    Happy Hunting.

    p.s.: do you like fighting mobs and gaining exp? do you like using that exp to enchant items? so do i ... i'm going to start organizing "hunting parties" where meet up, check our gear, go battle, come back and enchant our gear with our new exp. if you'd like to know more .. feel free to ask :]
  2. I would love to, what smp are you on?
  3. SMP 4 ... ive run into you before :]
  4. So is your quest to collect all the exp?
  5. Yes....it's ours now:D
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  6. no. i 'll make my library accessable to all member of the party. you get your exp for what you kill. i just provide the meeting place and organization.
  7. I'll provida an enchanting table:)
  8. perfect :] come to my shop if youre online now :p
  9. So you don't want to be the very best?Like no one ever was.To slay those monsters isn't your real test?To train wolves isn't really your cause?So you won't travel across the land, searching far and wide?Killing each monster to understand, how much exp is inside!
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  10. well ... my cats are named umbreon and espeon. i have a pokeball tattoo and i use a pokemon minecraft theme from time to time ... that should answer that question
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  11. Yes,yes it does.
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  12. Lol.
    I would join ur cause if u could lend me some gear cause im on smp3
  13. i dont have gear to lend yet .. or the materials to make it .. but that is pretty much the idea .. to help everyone out. so soon that may be possible.
  14. That's quite a bit to accomplish in a matter of two days. I'm rather impressed.
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  15. Welcome to the Empire! Hope you enjoy your time here =).
  16. hey epiodon im a newbie 2 do you wanna be frainds cause i dont have any