Hey Guys

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  1. Finally back after half a year in the hospital :eek: Missed you guys, time to rebuild my plot.
  2. Oh my! Thats horrible! Welcome back to Emc!
  3. Welcome back :D
  4. Welcome (back) to the Empire! :D
  5. Were you the guy who got his right arm broken?
  6. Welcome! What happened?
  7. Welcome Back, please don't mind me asking what caused you to stay in hospital for so long?
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  8. welcome back! i'm one of the new people that joined while you were gone :)
  9. Thanks for the welcomes and concern guys, the cause was a drunk driver that hit me while coming home late from school. Lots of surgery but I think I'm doing okay now ^_^
  10. Welcome back:)
  11. Wow, thats crazy. Glad your mostly better now
  12. Welcome back! And it's good your well enough to play again.
  13. Idiots shouldn't be allowed to drive :p.
    I hope your okay! Welcome Back!
  14. Welcome back! As for your hospital stay, I am glad that you are doing better after such a horrible thing happened to you.
  15. Welcome back to the empire, I hope that you never have to endure such a thing ever again...