Hey guys

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  1. Hey, this is PeachesMclovin.

    You'll see me on SMP 4. I'll probably be making a shop soon, so be sure to check that out :]

    See you all on the forums :]
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  3. Hey, welcome to the best MCserver available, make sure you have fun and check out the biggest mall on smp4: 9000. Hope to see you soon!
  4. Welcome to the empire!
    Do you like pigs sir?
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  5. Welcome to EMC! Be sure to check my mall at 4440 :)
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  6. Obey MiniMoose And You'll Be Fine
  7. not this kid again.
  8. I Will Hunt You down .......
  9. mmhhmmm...
  10. Someone seriously ban him from the forums. He/She is just a spammer and a nuisance to the EMC forums.
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  11. Hello and welcome to Empire Minecraft PeachesMclovin. It makes me sad that there are no peaches in Minecraft for you. However you are on an awesome server. ^^ See ya round on SMP4.

    lol Piggeh.
  12. i actually beg to differ. i dont think there are any other servers yet... all i know of is the empire and ssp.... huh.
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  13. Welcome to the Empire. :)
  14. Welcome! Hope you have a great time here! Because you are a new member message me and I will give you a free set of Iron Armour and tools, Sapling and melons to get you started!!!
  15. I have thought this exact thing around 50 times. I'm glad someone grew the *insert word of choice here* to do it.

    Also, welcome!! You will love it here!:)
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  16. well i dont see that they posted... they must have deleted it!
  17. 'Cause he knows he's guilty.

    Anywho, welcome to the Empire!!
  18. well look at me, being a jerk. welcome to EMC! enjoy your stay!