Hey Guys

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  1. I found this server a few weeks ago and I love it. I will be on for a long time. My res is pretty successful and when it comes to mining... I SUCK.
  2. Haha glad I am not the only one that sucks at mining. I always mine into lava and everything I am carrying burns up :(
  3. i just found this server and i sighned up cant wait for the server to open up so i can finnaly play. yay for noobs
  4. Yeah I hate caves so in turn I hate mining so I don't know why maybe because the only time I've ever died was in a cave.:confused:
  5. yeah for joining sad happyface
  6. i was mineing and i found a bace some one built
  7. I was mining and found a room with diamonds in it and some peoples unprotected chests cause it was in the wild. but being a nice person i didnt take anything and left them some diamonds!;)
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  8. Nice reverse grief :)
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  9. I love hunting mobs in my full diamond, and scuba gold helm :p great profit with bones
  10. Why Thank you!