Hey guys, what's up?

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  1. Hey everyone, I joined this server about a month ago, and I love it. I am currently a diamond supporter and have applied for moderator. I mostly play Minecraft and Battlefield3 in my spare time, and love to build big creations. I like all the people on the servers, even if they do need a telling to be quiet (caps locking), we all make a great community. Keep on coming guys!
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  2. Great to have you, and first I would like to say thanks for supporting the Empire :)

    Do you like the COD series, did you get MW3? Or do you just stick with BF3?
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  3. I love COD, and I intend to get MW3 soon, but many of my friends play BF, so I got it first. And thanks to everyone for their support! :) This is why I love to be in the Empire!
  4. Welcome! Always good to have more diamond supporters.
  5. Barks, thanks for the welcome! Frankly, I have been on this server a month or two, and I really don't need it :)
    Thanks anyways.
  6. Welcome mate! Do you play on the PC? Thanks for supporting :)
  7. Once again :) Thanks for the welcome, but I really don't need it :)
    (I'm really not new)
  8. For everyone who doesn't know, I play on a Computer. Whilst I am on holiday, I will
    be using a laptop. I love playing in the Empire wherever i am, whether it is on the toilet seat,
    which I guarantee you, it is not, or whether it is on a rainy day outdoors (which it is quite often, here in
    the UK). I love all of the hard work everyone puts in on the servers, and all the support I get from all
    the Empire who support me by buying a casino pass for 30/- (at 1704). With a casino pass you can
    get into the casino whenever you like, but of course you still gotta pay to play. I have got a total of 6 games
    in the casino so far, and I intend to make a much bigger casino on Utopia. Why don't you go check out my Utopia
    residence? 5242. I have a creeper castle (un-complete). The games on my 1704 res so far are: Slots, guess which,
    Minecraft quiz, dungeon quiz, iron or dirt?, and the archery range; which has been on high demand, especially
    from Malicaii12, I provide the bow and arrows, and I have increased the amount of arrows for each turn.
    6/- a go on the archery range. Slots, guess which = 5/- 1 turn, 9/- 2 turns, 14/- 3 turns. Both quizzes = 4/- , iron or dirt which is 9/- . I have no pain in saying that I am completely rich and powerful, and if needed, I can build you a
    small version of any game at my casino at your residence, at a price of course. An archery range will cost 200/-
    to have one built.

    -Thanks for ALL the support I get from you all!
    -No donations needed, I don't want to con you from your money!
    -Good day/night/afternoon/morning to you all!

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