Hey Guys, read this thread, it's important! (Empire Economy Event)

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Do you all want to come? Reply a comment down below!

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  1. Dear Empire Members/Supporters,
    This Saturday, on SMP5, from 4:00-4:30 there will be a fun activity going on at HelloKittyRo's Res!
    To come to this, please do /smp5 then do /v HelloKittyRo. I am a Diamond Supporter. So if you would like to come, make sure you come! We are holding this to honor the server we all play in. There will be lots of fun activites and games! Maybe, even a mod will come! Oh well, I hope y'all come!
    Your Friend,
    HelloKittyRo :)
  2. Guys, I know this is weird responding to my own quote, but I just forgot to say to please make sure to reply and leave a comment!
  3. I'll try to come, but how is this economy related and very important?
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  4. It's very important if you come, and maybe if you come, I'll donate for your project..
  5. How on earth does this relate to the economy?
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