Hey guys, Im MrSmiley and Im absolutely flawless * Absolutely Flawless *

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  1. Ladies just line up to get a glimpse of my sweetness-ahh, Ain't none as fly as me!
    Coz... Stop... Potty Time! I got diplomatic immunity, so justin u cant sue- cant touch this, daaa dadaDA dodoo do, daaadadaDA doo doo do,

    Im stayin alive , staying alive, i say huh-huh-huh-huh staying aliivivvvveee alivvveeeee aliiivvvvvveee, yeah.

    Anyway, Im a active Minecrafter, got some nice creations where ima from. Commander/OwnerSlashfounder of The rebels, a CLub on this server.
    Also im completely random and fun, and im the one with the voice that makes the fan girls swoooo.
  2. Erm welcome Mr so fly with the ladies XD
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  3. yeah, aint no one as fly as me!
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  4. i also have large hair that has 3 colours, blue gold and red its freagin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. I'm jealous i have disappointing one colored hair
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  6. Genuinly have no idea,
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  7. I imagined as a nerd behind his pc thinking of a bad-boy that keeps all the girls...
    Anyway: Welcome, good luck have fun!

    *Dreaming is free, so why not doing it?*
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  8. Ok, that was a long post. Anyways welcome. I'm Historian, player by day, Overlord by night
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  9. What server you join, mr fly? Hehe..
  10. No I'm pretty sure I'm better with the ladies.
  11. Hope to see ya soon.
  12. Ima SMP1, and i aint no nerd!
  13. XD, also welcome to the council smiley
  14. :D BTW copherfield, ive been here for ages! Just havnt introduced myself. If i was new i would not have gold :/