Hey Guys, I guess i'm leaving...

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Destroyrofevil, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. _____ has sent a report about me... because i was "PVPing" because I was joking around and I tried to throw a weakness potion at _____ but I only hit myself. If anyone even knows who I am
    and cares about me, please at least give me a farewell. See ya guys, I'll never be able to come back again because some people are heartless in the world.

    Good Bye Everyone,

  2. Bye! Think about your actions next time!
  3. Weakness potion dosnt even effect hp? :confused:
  4. Thanks Guys, Even though weakness does basically nothing. And i didn't even hit anyone with it... just myself.

    But yeah i guess if you really want me banned then I guess i didn't think before i did it. And no damage was done, Absolutely nothing.
  5. If it doesn't affect HP or anything how is it PVP? I think if you start a conversation with a Mod, the accuser and WCG_Elite and explain it then it can be sorted out.
  6. Stay lol EMC is great.
  7. Equinox you just said bye, and yes it is great, but not all of the people on it are great, you know _____...
  8. Remove the names, showing them up at the forums is against the rules too.
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  10. Lol, we posted at the same time. :D
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  11. I was accually 3 minutes faster :p
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  12. I was typing on my laggy computer then. :p
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  13. Sorry, I didn't know that
  14. Seriously guys? A "Who typed it first?" fight? lol
  15. lol, but if you look under the post you see when it is posted, you see that I am first :p
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  16. I got a bit to worked up there, It doesn't seem like i'm going to get perm banned, at least, until further notice.

    Thanks For Being Bros :D
  17. Sorry for over-reacting, but it added a bit of drama to the morning.
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