Hey everyone!

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  1. Lol, I've actually been on the server for a few weeks now but have never taken the time to check out the forums. I'm a pretty chill guy, I love minecraft, love the server, and yeah. My res is on smp7. I'm currently working on a castle & a floating island home. Come check it out sometime! v/15324.
  2. hola! *cough* hello sorry my mexican side came out there :p

    welcome to the forums loool! definatley one of the best places besides ingame ;)
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  3. Hai! Welcome to the Empire Forums where everyone eats cookies! :{D [And apparently, puts mustaches on the smiley faces] Hope to see more posts from you! :3
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  4. Forums is always a fun place, enjoy your stay.
  5. Hai i new too lol i had to eat and then my dad dident let me on the other computer ause my brother HenryTB7500 was on... :p So i don't even have wood! ;(
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  6. welcome to the empire if u guys need any simple beginners items just ask
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  7. Thanks for the offer but, like I said, I've been on the server for a few weeks so I already got most of what I need. (Though coal always seems to go bye VERY fast due to the castle building...)
  8. know what u mean with the coal thing lol
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  9. Lol ill try get on today soon so maybe you will see me! :D :)
  10. So I've been playing MC for a long time and just figured this out. You can make a product seemingly identical to coal by burning wood in the furnace.
  11. You... Have... No idea... How ANGRY I am right now! Ahh! I've been mining for coal when CHARCOAL does the exact same thing.
    Thanks for the info, you saved me a lot of time.
  12. lol just figured that out :)
  13. :) Anytime. I know how you feel. Major /facepalm
  14. Facepalm.jpg <----- My initial reaction.
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  15. hey bierhaus hows it :{D they should totally add that smiley to the forum
  16. oh and by the way theres charcoal....SMUG FACE :3
  17. Welcome to the forums :p It's definitely where a lot of the action and excitement goes down! Hope you are loving the Empire.
  18. Lol I can tell, and I am loving the empire. Best MC community I've seen yet.